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Our School-Based Services 
 Eligibility Testing 
Speech Masters provides comprehensive speech-language assessments. Our comprehensive assessment process is designed to evaluate for speech-language deficits and determine eligibility determination. 
Click the button below to learn about the variety of information components required to assess, describe, and interpret an individual's communication ability.
 Eligibility Testing 
Our Speech/Language Pathologists can deliver the same level of clinical excellence to our clients virtually as we provide to them in the Face-to-Face setting.
Click the button below to learn about the assessments we can administer virtually  to determine speech/language communication function and special education eligibility.
It is important to partner with a company that has the capability to be flexible!

Although we specialize in providing dynamic synchronous virtual therapy, we provide a very personalized approach with our clients when serving them Face-to-Face. Click the button below to learn more.
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