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 Why School-Based


Although the federal government has relaxed the requirement that service providers must use HIPAA compliant communication for telehealth services, Speech Masters continues to comply with OCR, HIPAA and FERPA regulations by utilizing videoconferencing platform that is HIPAA and PIPEDA/PHIPA compliant with complete end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption. We have ensured that all sessions provided by us are encrypted to prevent viewing by outside entities.                     



By reducing room space and materials budgets, there is an all-around cost savings for school districts.  When classroom space is limited, instead of having a dedicated room for each service provider, room space can be a shared space that can target those who are unable to be served by teleservices. Our therapists are versatile in that they can provide a hybrid service delivery utilizing both online and face-to-face service delivery. 


The American Speech-Language Hearing Association backs telepractice as an ethical and viable service delivery model for most clients. Our therapists develop engaging, fun and interactive treatment that is both fun and functional. We work diligently with our students to ensure that the skilled services they receive is effective and equivalent to face-to-face service delivery. 


With teletherapy, service delivery can possibly continue even if the district is experiencing inclement weather or even possibly if students are experiencing illness or injury. Online delivery opens possibilities that promote greater consistencies that can promote progress toward their IEP goals.


With our changing times, it is important to maintain safe practices to protect both the students as well as our therapists. With continuous contact, we increase the chances for exposure to germs and viruses. This is critically important for our high risk or medically fragile students. With teletherapy, personal contact is reduced and, in many cases, eliminated.


With teletherapy, services can be accomplished from any professional workplace. Also, it can service those school districts in rural areas that face challenges with recruiting speech/language therapists.


Since teletherapy is location independent, our therapists can adapt their schedule to the student’s needs and can avoid conflict with classes which can result in missed sessions. Also, teletherapy can service those children who are homebound due to being medically fragile, immobile or possibly due to suspension.


Depending on the environment, the virtual setting can provide greater opportunity for services provided in a more distraction free setting. 

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